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Pro cupping spoon
Introducing our new Pro Cupping spoons. Taste coffee like a pro.
Pro cupping spoon
Pro cupping spoon
Each spoon is laser engraved with our company modo and logo
Travelling and need to protect your spoon. These light handy travel cases will keep you spoon safe.
Choose between 4 colours
Pro cupping spoon
Pro cupping spoon

Pro cupping spoon

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Taste coffee like a pro with our unique coffee cupping spoons. Including 3 fun colours and the industry norm stainless steel.


We also have custom laser engraved our Logo on the handle and one of our company modos in the Roastery which is to —Stay Badass.  For the long story see how our first espresso was named “Badass Bear Espresso “.

The short story is -  This is “how we roll” in the mountains and it has started to become almost a compass of how we approach life and work everyday.  We seek to find interesting fun meaningful projects that give us purpose. If it doesn't meet that standard, then we simply don't it it.

They are heavy weighted, deep shaped bowl, and perfectly balanced. This makes a great gift for any coffee nerd. Bonus points if you get them a bag of fresh coffee with it. 

There are 4 colours:

• Rainbow Fire

• Solid Gold 70s

• Rock n Roll Black

• Silver Surfer

Each Spoon comes with its own travel protective silicon case.