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Just get into specialty coffee. Our Taster pack is a perfect way to try out specialty without breaking the bank.
Alps Discovery Taster Pack (4 X75g)
Alps Discovery Taster Pack (4 X75g)

Alps Discovery Taster Pack (4 X75g)

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The tasters pack is a great discovery product for those getting into specialty coffees from their old boring coffee. We will send you three (4 X 75g) distinct tasty coffees which helps give you a better idea of which coffee origin flavors you prefer. We like to compare certain origins to Ski/Snowbaord Pisted level Runs.  

The 4 coffee origins  are:

BEGINNER RUN |  Start with a simple nice easy drinkable blend. You will notice it tastes nice, not too toasty and burnt but smooth, sweet , approachable, and wanting more.

GREEN RUN |  Brazil: coffees tend to be quite comforting and familiar. Notes of dark chocolate, almond, with syrupy body.  Easy to drink and easy to brew. The all rounder really. 

BLUE RUN | Central America: coffees can have a wide range of flavors from lots of nuts, types of chocolate and pleasant acidity. A nice coffee for the morning or anytime of the day.  

BLACK DIAMOND | African: coffees tend to be very complex, fruity and floral notes, with bright punchy acidity. Quite nice as an afternoon coffee.

If we don’t have one of the four available then our head roaster will pick the best suited coffee origins to compete your 4 pack. The bags come in small black recycle packaging with all the information regarding each coffee. 

Enjoy the discovery into the world of great coffee. Your Life and mornings will never be the same again!