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Rwanda: Gasasa Hills -Grand Cru Reserve - (250g)
Rwanda: Gasasa Hills -Grand Cru Reserve - (250g)
Rwanda: Gasasa Hills -Grand Cru Reserve - (250g)
Rwanda: Gasasa Hills -Grand Cru Reserve - (250g)

Rwanda: Gasasa Hills -Grand Cru Reserve - (250g)

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Taste Profile: The Cup: Toffee, savoury caramel, lemon rind

 Origin: Rwanda
Region: Gasasa Hills
Altitude (MASL): 1850-2200
Process: Washed



Abadatezuka Cooperative is a group of smallholder farmers in Rwanda's Western Province who deliver their coffee in cherry to the Cyato Washing Station, which is located in the Cyato sector of the Nayamasheke district in that region. The producers here grow coffee at elevations all the way up to 2,200 meters above sea level, and the washing station is located at 1,850 meters above sea level. The washing station was established in 2017.

One interesting facet to coffee here is that the native honeybees that live in and around the Nyungwe forest where the coffee is grown are said to be responsible in part to the "unique profile" this coffee has. The bee-assisted pollination, fertile ground (black humus and sandy soil), and cool lake-affected climate thanks to the area's proximity to Lake Kivu contribute to the flavors found in the cup. The farmers use no synthetic inputs, either as fertilizers or as pest control.

Brew Guide

This coffee is beautiful as a V60.

We like a 20g dose to 300g water with a total brew time of 3 mins.
Pour off the boiling water 100g. Wait for the bloom.

At 1:00 min. Pour the next 100g.

At 2:00 min. Pour the last 100g


(Good Luck Have Fun)