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Peru Nayra Julca Milsar (250g)
Peru Nayra Julca Milsar (250g)
Peru Nayra Julca Milsar (250g)

Peru Nayra Julca Milsar (250g)

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Taste Profile: Chocolate fudge brownie, lemon curd.

Country: Peru

Farm Name: Nayra Julca Milsar : El Shipal

Region: El Corazon, Chirinos, Sanignacio, Cajamarca

Altitude: (MASL) 1890 MASL

Harvest Season: May - October

Process: Washed

Varieties: Caturra

Farm level story

Nayra Julca Milsar has a 2-hectare coffee farm called El Shipal, where Caturra variety coffee is planted. The farm has a cover of shade and, like many farms that are part of the network of smallholder members of Lima Coffees cooperative, Nayra's farm is certified organic.

ID# 16380

Coffee on El Shipal is picked ripe and depulped the same or the following day, then fermented for about 20 hours in open-air tanks. After being washed three times, it's dried on raised beds or in parabolic dryers; the drying takes about 15–20 days to complete.

Sourced through: Cafe Imports Europe.


Filter coffee works best for this coffee. A nice V60 or Chemex could be a crowd pleaser.


"Yup,very smooth. Glad it made it in time." -Eirik Kinserdal