Ethiopia Dambi Uddo (Organic)
Ethiopia Dambi Uddo (Organic)

Ethiopia Dambi Uddo (Organic)

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Taste Profile: Grandma‘s Blueberry Jam, juicy

Country: Ethiopia 

Farm Name: Guji Highlands

Region: Haro- Korma

Altitude: (MASL) 1800-2000

Harvest Season: November- December

Process: Natural

Varieties: Gujicha


Guji Highlands is an organization that
cultivates coffee, purchases cherries from
other farmers, and processes the coffee in
various washing stations, including:

• The Guji Highland farm

• The Guji Highland Washing Station for washed
and naturals, 1800 masl

• The Guji Highland Station for naturals only,
located on the Guji Highlands Farm, 2100

• Mormora Estate and Mormora Station for

• Gidhe A and Gidhe B Stations for naturals.
Guji Highlands also provide financing for
their farmers, and assist with technical and
agronomy advice.

All their farms, and the farms where they
source their cherries, are forest farms. The
land is leased from the government for 40
years and it is strictly forbidden to cut
trees or kill wild animals.
The coffee is certified organic.
The Farm Manager, Quality Advisor and
Certification Advisor of Guji Highlands is
Yishak Assefa.