Costa Rica Don Oscar
Costa Rica Don Oscar

Costa Rica Don Oscar

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Taste Profile:

Milk Chocolate, Orange, Tangerine - 87Pts

Name: Don Oscar (White Honey Process)

Farms:The family own 16 plantations that contribute to the total production at Don Oscar

Closest town:Canet de San Marcos




TotalFarmArea (ha):50, over 16 plantations/farms

Approximate number oft rees planted per hectare:3500-4000

Soil composition:volcanic,sandy & clay

Harvest season: January–March

Harvest peak: February

Approx. annual production(x 69kg bags):1500-2000

Varieties: 80% catuaí, 5% villalobos, 10% catimor, 5% caturra. Currently planting other ‘exotic’varieties (e.g. Gesha, typica)

The family’s history with coffee production

Don Oscar micromill is named after Alejandro’s and Horacio’s late-father Oscar, who passed away very recently. Don Oscar established the beneficio together with his sons in 2013. It was a family project that was important for Don Oscar to complete, even after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer some time ago.

Alejandro and Horacio are fourth generation coffee farmers. They inherited their love for coffee from their father and chose to continue the family tradition. They love both the physical work of tending coffee plants and they enjoy being a part of the production cycle of coffee from seed to parchment.

The brothers’ biggest challenges in producing coffee are rust, climate change (particularlyunpredictable rain patterns) and the costs associated with combating and/or preventing disease (e.g. pesticides & fertilizers).

Future ambitions/plans include building their own dry mill, which has started construction. This has been financed by the brothers themselves from profits from their coffee production these past few harvests.