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Brazil Irmas Pereira (250g)
Brazil Irmas Pereira (250g)
Brazil Irmas Pereira (250g)

Brazil Irmas Pereira (250g)

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Taste Profile: Cocoa, macadamia nuts, smooth

Country: Brazil

Farm Name: Fazenda Irmas Pereira

Region: Minas Gerias

Altitude: (MASL) 1250 MASL

Harvest Season: May - August  

Process: Pulped Natural 

Varieties: Yellow Bourbon 

 Farm level story


Antônio Andrade Pereira Filho and Maria da Conceição Costa Pereira decided to invest in coffee growing in Carmo de Minas during the early 1970s. They purchased 90 acres of land and started to plant the first coffee seedlings. While these seedlings grew, the couple had two daughters: Maria Valéria and Maria Rogéria.
The sisters started helping their father run the farm at very early age and when they got married, their husbands joined in on the their wives’ family’s coffee business. When Antônio passed away, the sisters decided not to split the land between the two of them, but instead they decided to keep their land together and build a unified and stronger farming model. It was during this time that they changed the name of the farm from Fazenda Serrado to Irmãs Pereira (Pereira Sisters, in English).
Under this new and unified management style, the family decided to invest in the production of specialty coffees, which ushered in new ways of processing coffee:

According to Maria Rogéria, “[The] greatest pride [we have] as sisters and our main challenge is to keep our pioneering spirit up to date. This is what makes our coffee stand out in the market. This is what makes the difference. If we stay on the edge of innovations we’ll always be a step ahead and and in a strong position”.

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"Brazil, Brazil, Brazil!" - Bjørn