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Badass Bear Espresso Original Blend
Badass Bear Espresso Original Blend

Badass Bear Espresso Original Blend

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Taste Profile:

“Sweet honey,  chocolate hazelnut, Caramel .”-87  points

This is a seasonal rotating blend to keep it fresh fresh. 

 Country: Brazil / Gautemala  

Farm Names: Fazenda Noosa / Los Santos

Prcoess: Washed / Washed

The story on this blend comes from experimenting with many samples and samples blends. There was a moment when someone said this is pretty “badass”. So we choose that blend and named it that as well.

This blend works well for espresso on its own but is flexible and can hold up to milk based espresso drinks as well.  

We hope you make it a badass day, everyday.


French press (coarse to filter grind)

Drip machine (filter medium grind) 

Pour over ( medium grind)

Aeropress ( medium to fine grind)

Mocha Pot ( medium grind) 

Espresso ( fine grind)